The Steady Glow of Hope
shines from within...
-----Hi, I'm Evangeline. It's a pleasure to meet you! I'm only in my fifth year, but if there's anything I can help with I'll certainly try!
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During off periods, it was almost guaranteed that Evangeline could be found with her nose in a book.  Today was no different—outside was a bit on the hot and humid side, almost no wind to speak of, so she didn’t sit on the grounds, but nonetheless her faithful paper companions stayed by her side, in the library this time.  It was somewhat secluded and cozy enough to provide a good place to read without being so out of the way that it was a hassle to get to and from classes.

There were sofas lining one of the walls, near the windows.  They were quite comfortable and provided excellent little reading nooks.  Evangeline’s wheelchair was currently resting next to her, as she had shifted herself to the side of one of these sofas to sit comfortably with her books.  

Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed someone walking by with a flash of red.  Looking up, she realized that the flash of fiery crimson had been the other girl’s hair, which was really quite beautiful.  And why not say that aloud? “You have absolutely lovely hair,” she said, raising her head from the pages for a moment.

This whole predicament was caused, Evangeline decided, by the fact that she had been up far too late at the astronomy tower.  The weather had been lovely and clear, and she had gotten a lot of the astronomy assignment done, but she hadn’t gotten enough sleep!

If she had gotten to bed earlier, she wouldn’t have overslept.  If she hadn’t overslept, she wouldn’t have gotten ready in a hurry.  If she hadn’t been in a hurry, she wouldn’t have forgotten her assignments notebook, and if she hadn’t forgotten her notebook, she could have recorded the homework for Charms that was due in two days!  But no, she had to leave it.  And now she couldn’t recall the page number the homework was on…

Mustering up a little courage, Evangeline reached out to tap a nearby student’s shoulder.  ”Um, sorry to bother you, but do you know the Charms assignment from today?”

Anonymous said:
i really really really want your url please?????

(( Um.  Sorry, anon, I haven’t decided to leave the group or anything, I’m just hiatusing until my life calms down a bit. ))



Yes!  It’s been long enough since the last one, don’t you think?

I got back not too long ago, so I’m not sure when the last trip actually was.

*she shrugged nonchalantly her features rather stoic*

In any case I’m sure they haven’t done one because of that Mastermind. I’m surprised they are doing one now.


Oh, okay.  Well… I’m just glad.  I am a little sick of being cooped up in here all the time.

… Mastermind?  I have heard vague things about him… what exactly is going on with that?



I’m so glad it’s spring!  And I’m most definitely looking forward to the Hogsmeade trip this weekend.


*Lillian raised her eyebrow upon hearing a girl speak*

There’s a Hogsmade trip this weekend? 


Yes!  It’s been long enough since the last one, don’t you think?


Miguel grinned at her and felt an overwhelming rush of joy that he was helping someone. It was a strange feeling to him, but he liked it. Her reaction fuelled his motivation to find a cure.

"Of course Evs!" he patted her shoulder as she thanked him. "Anything for my star" 

There were a few tears pricking her eyes—happy ones, for a change.  No matter if it worked or not, here Evangeline had found people willing to try to fix the one blight in her life, and that meant more to her than words could ever hope to convey.

She was fairly sure her smile was a little watery, but it was so very heartachingly genuine!  ”Really, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

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